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About the Journal of Hygienic Engineering and Design

Hygienic engineering is multidisciplinary science which is taking the momentum. As a food safety prerequisit and a must, more and more food producing companies, food equipment manufacturers, scientific community and public authorities are grasping its importance.

Journal of Hygienic Engineering and Design is a platform for the publication of evidence-based studies, investigations, research and experience on all scientific and expert aspects for: equipment and components, hygienic principles, processing, utilities, services, food production and processing, food quality and safety, and education. It is a peer reviewed and journal with open access intended to reveal new approaches, innovations, expert opinions and the highest possible global scientific standards.

The first JHED volume was issued in 2011 for the first World Congress in Hygienic Engineering and Design, which took place in Ohrid, Macedonia, from 22-25th of September. This first issue included 75 high quality practical and science based papers from 19 countries worldwide: The Netherlands, Germany, France, Great Britain, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Spain, Poland, Bulgaria, Ireland, Sweden, Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Russia, Armenia and USA. These papers, reviewed by Congress Scientific committee of 32 members covered all three main areas regarding food industry: Hygienic Engineering and Design, Food Quality and Safety and Food Production and Food Processing. This issue and all articles were printed in hard copy, and now each paper is available in electronic form.

The second and other following issues of this Journal will be electronic and web based.

Beside the manuscripts, JHED content is extended to industry and consumer needs. On regular basis, at the JHED web page, all new developments, technologies and innovations within the food and beverage industry worldwide will be updated. This way, JHED will be a source of information and a networking platform for all key decision makers throughout the world and will be an essential reading for anyone involved in this important sector.

About the Publisher

Consulting and Training Center KEY has alreday published several titles within the food industry. We can freely say that each title enjoys wide sector recognition by both advertisers and subscribers alike.

In addition to our publishing services, throughout the years we have organized many events: Congresess, Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Roundtable discussions, B2B meeting etc. We have trained over 1000 people in food safety, implementation of EU standards and utilisiation of EU funds.  Each of these services contribute towards the overall strategy of becoming an indispensable partner to all of our target customers.

For further information on Consulting and Training Center KEY, please visit http://www.key.com.mk. 



Yours sincerely,

Vladimir Kakurinov 

EHEDG Macedonian Regional Section Chairman