Full papers submission



All participants with accepted abstracts are invited to submit an full paper for original scientific or review paper written on English language, by the following rules:

1. The whole text of the full papers has to be in Arial font - 10.

2. Full papers margins should be 2 cm, top, bottom, left, right for A4 format paper.

3. Line spacing should be single, and alignment justify.

4. Between two paragraph use empty row (space), and in no case spacing (Auto, 3 pt, 6 pt etc).

5. The submitted full papers (without the abstract) should contain no less than 5 and no more than 20 pages. Shorter or longer length of the manuscripts has to be discussed with the Publisher. No more than two manuscripts by one author can be published in one volume.

6. Please download and use the suggested Instructions for original scientific paper or Instructions for review paper (see above)

7. The Full papers, together with the Abstract and Cover letter should be submitted as an separate attachments to following email address: (contact@key.com.mk). Under Subject please put: EHEDG Full paper - Name & Surname - Title of the Abstract.

8. Full papers submission deadline is one month after the date in the Abstract acceptance letter.



ORIGINAL SCIENTIFIC paper report unpublished results of completed original scientific research by the study's author(s). Experimental data should be presented in a way that enables reproduction and verification of analyses and deductions on which the conclusions are based.

REVIEW paper synthesizes, summarizes, analyzes and evaluates published works on a specific topic. They are critical surveys of an area in which preferably the author himself is active. By organizing, integrating and evaluating previously published material, the author of a review article considers the progress of current research toward clarifying a problem. Review articles range from entirely descriptive to highly evaluative.