Abstracts submission



All authors are invited to submit an abstract written by the following rules:

1. The whole text of the abstract has to be in Arial font - 10.

2. A concise summary of the article clearly describing: content, significance, objectives, a brief methodology, findings and conclusions, preferably without references or abbreviations should be provided.

3. Abstract margins should be 2 cm, top, bottom, left, right for A4 format paper (see complete example above).

4. The submitted abstract should contain no more than 2000 characters (300 words) including: spaces (Tools – Word count), paper title, author names, addresses and key words.

5. Please download and use the suggested Abstract-Blank form (see above).

6. There are 2 types of Abstracts with different requirements (see below):

- Original scientific work - Abstract should be structured by the following form (paragraphs): brief introduction, materials and methods, results and discussion, conclusions and key words.

- Review work - Abstract should be structured by the following form (paragraphs): brief introduction, body of text (discussion, explanation etc), conclusion/s and key words

7. The abstract should be submitted as an attachment to an email address: (contact@key.com.mk). Under Subject please put: JHED Abstract - Name & Surname - Title of the Abstract.

8. Deadline for abstract submission is displayed in News banner.

9. All abstracts will be carefully reviewed by International Editorial Board