Relevant topics

Relevant topics

Hygienic Engineering and Design

Food Quality and Safety

Equipment & Components

Process Control

Food refrigeration, Conveyor systems, Packaging machines, Mechanical seals, Pipes, Couplings, Pumps, Seals, Sensors, Separators, Tanks, Homogenisers, Dampening devices, Filters, Fluid beds, Spray dryers, Motors, Transportstion, Mechanics, etc

Tracking food plant operations and in-plant technology developments in food quality and safety systems / standards: GAP, GMPs, SSOPs, HACCP, ISO family, BRC, IFS, SQF, TQM and more


Hazards and Risks

Design Principles, Building and Architectural Design, Dry and Liquid materials and products handling, Hygienic Systems Integration, Cleaning and Sanitation, Testing and Certification

Microbiological, Chemical and Physical hazards, Risk Characterization, Assessment, Analysis, Communication, Estimate, Management, Control, Toxicology, Alergology

Materials of construction


Metals and Alloys, Elastomers, Plastics, Welding, Vulcanization, Building Construction Materials

Laws, Regulation, Food Quality and Safety Codes

Processing equipment hygienic design

Cleaning and Sanitation

Closed and Open Processing Equipment, Milk, Meat, Fish, Milling, Baking, Sweets, Confectionary, Water etc. products processing equipment 

Cleaning, Sanitation and Environmental hygiene monitoring science and technology

Services & utilities

Food Analysis

Air Handling, Electric and Power Installations and Machines, Heat treatments, Lubricants, Process water, Electronics, Computing 

Microbiology, Chemistry, Developments and Innovations, Issues, Trends, Test methods and Instrumentation used in food science

Education and Training

Education and Training

Training and Education in Hygienic Engineering and Design

Training and Education in Food Quality and Safety

Food Production and Processing

Primary agricultural products


Animal and Plant products production, Aquaculture, Agro-technique, Legislation, Economics

Consumers behaviour, Consumers information, Food Labelling, Food Security, Determinants for food choice

Processing and Technology

Sensory Science

Dairy, Meat, Fish, Milling, Baking, Sweets, Confectionary, Wine, Beer, Soft drinks, Spirits, Water Processing Technologies and Engineering, Starter cultures, Probiotics, Prebiotics, Economics, etc.

Tools and Techniques for Product and Brand improvements and optimization, Sensory measurement, Test methods

Food Ingredients and Additives

Health and Nutrition

Types, Innovations, Legislation, Control, Analysis

Food eating disorders, Society trends, Nutrigenomics, Nutritional value, Diets, Dietary intake, Supplements, Labelling, Food impact on health and welfare, Obesity

Packaging and Shelf Life

Novel Bioproducts

Packaging systems and materials, Environmental impacts of packaging, Recycling, Packaging in business and marketing, Shelf Life extension, Evaluation, Preserving freshness, Quality preservation and Storage stability.

Bioproducts from microbiological, animal and plant origin

Feed production

Traditional Food

Feed ingredients and additives, Processing technologies, Feed chain management, Feed control and analysis

PDO, PGI, TSG, Appellation of Origin, Production technologies and techniques, Control


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