Publication fee

Author registration

All authors before submitting an abstract have to be registered. In order to expedite the registration process, please complete the online registration form (REGISTER NOW) and we will send you a proforma invoice for payment. You will get the invoice for your payment after confirmation of Publication fee payment.

Fee payment term

 5 workdays as of the date of sending the article acceptance confirmation.



Non EHEDG member

Publication fee for one manuscript               200 €

Publication fee for a second manuscript     100 €

EHEDG member

Publication fee for one manuscript               150 €

Publication fee for a second manuscript      100 €


*All prices are in Euro and include VAT


No more than two manuscripts by one author can be published in one volume.
Each manuscript has to be minimum 5 and maximum 20 typeset pages long


Bank charges

All commissions and charges are to be borne by the ordering customer. If this requirement is not observed, the publication fee is considered unpaid. The received publication registration form is regarded as invalid and the remitted amount is not refundable.

When giving payment instruction to the Bank, please state the code UOR.



- If the bank transfer is ordered by a natural person: the person’s full name and full address.

- If the bank transfer is ordered by a company or organisation: the legal name of the organisation, address, VAT number or identification code, name of recipient of the invoice and full address.


Invoices will be sent as a PDF file by e-mail. As they have a signature and a stamp in full colour, you need a high-quality printer to print out the original.


Please contact the JHED Publisher ( for any further questions.


Payment Details: 

Beneficiary:                                                   Consulting & Training Centre KEY

Account Number:                                           007-2200000219

Name of account holder:                                 Consulting & Training Centre KEY

Bank Name:                                                  NLB Tutunska Banka - Skopje

Address of Bank / County:                              Vodnjanska, br.1 - Skopje, MACEDONIA

SWIFT Code:                                                TUTNMK22

IBAN:                                                           MK 07-210-7220000021-04 

Purpose:                                                       For JHED / No. of Pro-invoice